• Saving Pertame language from extinction

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    Harold Furber (on left) and other delegates at the WANALA forum in Perth, December 2015

  • gambay

    First Languages Australia have released Gambay, an interactive languages map of Australia.

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    Jardiwanpa Jukurrpa (Ancestral Snake Dreaming), 2009, by Connie Nakamarra White, acrylic on canvas (detail), reproduced courtesy of Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation.

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    Thangkerne 'birds' is an app in the Kaytetye language, for iphone and ipad. It was launched at Neutral Junction School in August 2015.

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    New digitising set up in the Arrernte Language Office. This makes it possible to capture audio from cassette tape as digital files.

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    The Yeperenye Centre is one of several buildings in Alice Springs with an Arrernte name.

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    Ntang artety 'Mulga seeds'. These are an important topic in the story of Angenty. Mer Angenty-warn alhem is a new book coming out soon, authored by April Pengart Campbell, Clarrie Kemarr Long, Jenny Green and Margaret Carew.

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    Achilpa Street, Alice Springs, is named after atyelpe, the 'native cat'. There are a number of streets in Alice Springs named after Arrernte clan estates, totemic beings, plants, animals and people.

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    Shirley Ampetyane and Myfany Turpin, recording Kaytetye for the Kaytetye bird app, July 2015

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    A view of the hills near Dajarra, close to Warluwarra country. Photo: Rosalie Breen

  • ingkerr

    Utopia artists and friends celebrate the opening of their batik show Ingkerr anent-antey in Alice Springs in 2012.

  • The charaters from Awely Anter displayed at the Intem-antey anem exhibition.

    Fibre work sculptures, the 'actors' in the Awely Anter animation, displayed at the Intem-antey anem exhibition, Araluen Gallery, 2008.

  • interlpentayerr1

    Buh medicine plant interlpentayerr (Acacia spondylophylla), curry wattle, flying saucer bush.

  • Kwerte ileme

    Kwerte ileme 'smoking ceremony at the Arrernte Language Office. Photo: Lisa Golden

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    Owners and managers of the Jardiwanpa Yawulyu songline celebrate the launch of their book at Yuendumu, 12 December 2014.

  • antarrengeny-awely-cover

    Cover image: Kurrajong Seed Dreaming, 1988, by Katie Kemarr, batik on silk, 227 x 115 cm, reproduced courtesy the Janet Holmes à Court Collection.

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  • The turnoff to Wayililinpa

    The sign for Wayililinpa, near Yuendumu. A workshop for the Jardiwanpa Yawulyu project was held here in March 2014.

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    Jaqueline Phillips, Marion Waiguma and Maree Ellis present their group's ideas to the Getting in Touch workshop, April 2014.

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