gull-30902_640Senior language consultants from a number of different language groups are currently working on a set of apps about birds.

These apps are presenting bird pictures, the sound of bird calls, the names of birds and short stories in language.

This work is part of the Getting in Touch project, which aims to build the profile of Indigenous languages in digital form, through apps and other digital resources. Getting in Touch is a collaborative project which involves language consultants, the Research Unit for Indigenous Language at the University of Melbourne and the NT Language Centre Support program at Batchelor Institute.

The first app produced through Getting in Touch was the Thangkerne Kaytetye bird app, which was published in August 2015 at Neutral Junction School.

Read more about the Thangkerne Kaytetye bird app.

Link to the Thangkerne Kaytetye bird app on the itunes store.

Arrernte birds

MK Turner and Therese Ryder are senior Arrernte language consultants. They are both steadily working on documenting Arrernte birds, through stories and art.

Stay tuned for more in 2016!

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